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Worldwide Network

American Institute of Chartered Certifications has been operating since 2006, it was founded to cater to the growing online needs for quality chartered certifications. Our programs cover wide range of certification programs and courses in more than 80 countries worldwide with over 100 platforms taking their online accreditation from us. The American Institute of Chartered Certifications offers leaders the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria and evidence-based practices. The American Institute of Chartered Certifications provides a comprehensive, ongoing quality improvement system that recognizes the inherent diversity among programs through the self-study and award process.:

  • Promotes professionalism and program quality in professional education programs across the world.
  • Grow your network and provide you with courses modules and certification philosophy
  • Aligned with learning outcomes and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Respects individual program autonomy and philosophy.

Commission Review and Decision
It may take up to two months after the validation procedures for the program to receive the accreditation decision.

Maintaining Accreditation Compliance
Accreditation is not a one-time event. Adherence to Commission Standards must become a habit. It falls on the shoulders of the onsite director to assure that Commission Standards are consistently maintained after an award of accreditation.

Annual Reports
During the three year award period, accredited programs are required to submit annual reports. The reports are due on the anniversary date of accreditation. Failure to submit an annual report is grounds for withdrawal of accreditation. Incomplete or unacceptable annual reports will result in temporary suspension of accreditation until all required information has been received.

Reporting Changes to the Accreditation Commission
Current contact information is needed by the Accreditation Commission to provide programs with notices, reminders, changes in Commission policies and procedures, and other essential communication.

Withdrawal of Accreditation
The award of accreditation may be withdrawn if it is determined that the program:

  • is no longer in compliance with Commission standards
  • has failed to comply with Commission procedures
  • has failed to submit required documentation
  • has reported false information

Use of Logos

The American Institute of Chartered Certifications logo and other indications of accreditation are reserved for limited use by accredited programs only. A program may not use these symbols if it has not yet been accredited, if accreditation has lapsed, or if accreditation has been withdrawn. Never-awarded programs still in the accreditation process may not use the logos or give any implication of accreditation by the American Institute of Chartered Certifications. A penalty and/or legal action may result from unauthorized use of the logos or false claims of holding accreditation.